Arcturian to Alien Abductee

Flying Saucer Art by Luther Birdmaker Soulsalight MemberQuestion: I want to know why I was abducted by the grays 10 years ago?

Arcturian El Ectarus: This is not the only experience you have had with these beings, but it is one that you might remember. They have been in contact with you for all of this lifetime, and several lifetimes prior. Perhaps they would like to speak about that themselves in just a bit, depending on our time frame here, so they can tell you themselves.  Although the beings that are here are not those particular ones that you have experienced, they are related and they are familiar.

  This is the second half of a live channeling through Amariah at the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center July, 2012. See first half Arcturian Travel and Transmission. You can download the entire audio file from the SoulsAlight Store or Listen FREE as a Galactic Member  SignUpButton 

I will say to you, that on a soul level you agreed to this experience and you were very excited on a soul level to be a part of it. It may not seem like that from your point of view now. It may have seemed harsh, and out of your control. (That's right) Right! And that is because you are unknowing. Your awareness was not there to receive what it was. This is changing in your world because you are awakening to the experience on a different level. It is time for you to know this; that you chose this experience and that it is actually to help in the process for humanity and that these beings are benevolent beings. They are not here to harm.

It is your consciousness of fear that is natural, we are not judging your consciousness of fear. It is a part of your evolution, but it is time for you now to release it so that you can widen your horizons and see more of what that experience means. You can find more information available about this, of others who are having the revelation within themselves that there is a deeper level to these experience, do you understand?

Question continuation: Yes. The way the Martians tell me, in February 2012, that they are here to kill us on December 21st 2012. That is what the Martian told me. He is here from Mars and explained it to me.

El Ectarus: This experience is related to what we have been talking about and what the seventh dimensional vibration of Simion is speaking to you about. There is a collective energy that has been created that is of a fear vibration, you understand, it is what has been created in your consciousness of humanity. That is the fear vibration. And that fear vibration is not actually what is happening. It is not there by choice, it was created by your energies as thought patterns. And you are receiving that information on that level you see. It is not a reality. You can choose to step out of that thought pattern, and receive from a new thought pattern which is a higher vibrational level of understanding, you see.

Arcturian Spirit ArtEverything in the universe is created out of your consciousness. You have a choice as to what you would like to create. As a collective being of thought, you have a choice to create that reality or you can step outside of that and create something different. This is what the human race needs to recognize at this point in time. You are creating all of it. Collectively you choose what you would like to experience. And thus, you have attached your consciousness to that energy field and you have received that fear vibration that suggests that there is an end coming and that there is something out there that is going to infuse, or control, or be put upon you. Do you understand? And nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is in what you decide it is, each and every one of you. And if you decide that you want to be limited by what you have been taught in your school systems and by your governments then that becomes your reality in full force; all that is involved in that reality. And it will impact you. If you choose something different, and this is what we are suggesting to you, that you not only think happy thoughts, but that you choose to envision a whole new world of possibilities where your abilities are activated and you are powerful beings and creators. Know that this is your choice.

Know that your experience as a soul chose to have those experiences of your past with these extraterrestrial beings that you feel that you have been abducted by. But understand that this was a choice you made as a soul and that nothing can be done to you without your decision to have it done to you. If you decide to be unaware of this and be unconscious of that fact, then your reality might be quite haphazard. You might feel that walking down the street things are happening to you when in fact nothing is happening to you at all.

You are the deciders of your experience. You can choose to be unaware of it, or you can choose to move into an awareness of it. When you choose an awareness of it, your world changes. And when you look for the evidence of it, it will appear. When you look for the synchronicites to occur, they occur. When you acknowledge them, they happen again. This is the reality. If you open your mind to that, even for one day, try it, you will see things happening. You will see the effect. Then this idea of cause and effect will take on a whole new dimension because the cause and effect is occurring in your consciousness. It is not the physical world having a cause and having an effect it is you creating a cause and an effect.

Everything that you have experienced, or everything that you have been told in your sciences on one level has truth. But there is always another dimension to it, a flip-side of looking at it. This is what we would like to inspire in you. Look at the flip-side. Look at the other possibilities. Look at what no one else is seeing or saying. What do you want to see and say? What do you want to create? Do you want this to be a world of black and white and full of darkness and things coming to get you; A world of the government controlling you and the disease being all around you and infusing your system and controlling your body? Because you can have that, and you have successfully created it quite well in many instances.

Imagine creating something different! We can put lots of ideas into your consciousness about what you might create. We are trying to leave it to you. This is your window of opportunity; This year this time period. What do you want to see out of that window? Would you like to see a world where you can communicate with beings from other dimensions, or would you like to just shut that door and say no, it's not possible?   continued....

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  1. When I was about 13 years old, one night, while sleeping, I felt like if someone was getting into bed with me. Then I felt a cold hand and someone breathing on my left cheek. I did not move and was very scared. Then whatever it was got out of bed behind me and moved to the other side and started opening the drawers of my night table. It turned a glass of water I had on top of it. It was a black figure. You could not see its features, just the figure. Then it disappeared. Another night I saw the figure again and I followed it. It stood in beside my grandma’s bedroom window. I woke up my mom and she came with me and saw the same figure, but when we got close to him (it looked like a male figure and did not have hair) it disappeared. I have always wondered what that was. We checked all the house and all doors and windows were locked.

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