Communicate with the Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm CommunicationWe are communicating with you from a spiritual realm in order to discuss your question about how to communicate with the spiritual realm, interestingly enough. We are Simion the Evolutionary Collective

First, you must begin to understand that, in fact, everything that exists IS the spiritual realm. Until you understand this, you will not recognize that you are always and constantly communicating with the spiritual realm, because that is all that is and that is what you are.  When you acknowledge this, your world will change.

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It is your belief about the spiritual realm as being something separate from what you are that causes you to NOT communicate with this aspect of yourself, of what you really are. So, if you wish to open this communication that you have blocked by your thinking, you must first change that very thinking as you are all spiritual beings and “all that is” is of a spiritual nature.

When asking a question about communicating with the spiritual realm, you are assuming that that the spiritual is separate from you, that it is somewhere else.  Contemplate your understanding of this.  When we refer to spiritual, we refer to “all that is” as spirit is the energy of the universe.  Spirit is consciousness and consciousness is spirit.  Everything that you experience in your reality is actually an expression of spirit consciousness.

Thus, if you wish to communicate with your spiritual knowing, the knowing of your consciousness that is aware of what it really is and what all is as a part of universe, then you must begin to rethink what it is that you are experiencing in what you perceive to be a physical reality.  This reality that you live within is an expression of your spiritual being.  It is very important to note that all you experience in your physical reality is your communication with the spiritual realm.

Spirit Communication in everyday lifeWe say this in another way.  Your experience is your communication with the spiritual realm.  When you recognize this, you will begin to pay attention to that communication.  Are there beings that you do not see that are communicating with you as you experience this physical reality?  The answer is YES.  But, you do not pay attention.

This may be related to your question.  You want to experience those that are elsewhere and that you do not see in your physical reality.  But, if you pay attention you will notice that there are constantly beings from all over the universe, as you might perceive, or other dimensions, that are actually in the same space and time as you RIGHT NOW that are communicating with you within your reality, within your senses, and within what you experience.

There are those who are like brothers and sisters in your present metaphor of reality that are also brothers and sisters in other dimensions as you would perceive it to be.  But, remember that all is actually one.  So, you are all in the same space and time and you can all communicate within your reality with those who are seemingly of another reality.  You might perceive these as being spiritual beings or guides from other dimensions or angelic beings.

There are many other types of beings that are also spiritual beings and they communicate with you within your reality because you are spiritual and this is your spiritual realm. There is no separation.  Once you recognize this, you will know that all of these guides, angels, extraterrestrials, and other dimensional beings are with you always and will communicate with you within your present experience.

You cannot communicate with them somewhere else or through some spooky means.  You need to begin to recognize that they are always communicating with you and you are always communicating with them. Pay attention to where you actually are in your reality instead of trying to go beyond it to communicate.  The doors are already open to you.

Spirit Realm in LifeHow might this appear?   How might a communication within your everyday life be experienced?  This is for you to observe.  Because once you acknowledge that you are not separate from the spiritual realm, you will begin to see that everything around you is an expression of your spiritual realm.  And, if you are open to communicating with others that are in other dimensions and other realities as you perceive, then they will be seen within your spiritual realm.

In other words, look to the metaphor of your life, what is happening around you. And, when you ask for connections, you will not hear it in a spooky way within your subconscious mind somehow.  You can see it in the symbols that appear in your life, in the metaphor of your physical reality.

So, if you are asking for guidance, instead of waiting for some surreal experience that pops into your head, observe what is around you.  What are you being shown in your metaphor of life? Are you being shown birds?  Do they come up when you ask certain questions?  Are you being shown difficulty and struggle?  Are you fighting against something?  What is this telling you?  How could you see things differently?  How could you change your spiritual realm?

If you want to communicate with those who are there to assist you, which there are many, then you simply ask for assistance and understand that it will come within your physical reality. It is not separate from your experience of spiritual beingness.  So, you can see your messages within your experience of life.  You can ask a question and you may get the answer from a friend.  That is a spiritual communication through the metaphor of your reality.

The answer may come from a guide, perhaps some being that you have lived many lives with.  It may come from an angel, because you all have them around you.  And, it may come from a higher aspect of yourself or a friend from a higher aspect of yourself that may exist as an extraterrestrial being.  But, does it matter?

If you are truly open, and your imagination is intact (after being diminished for so many years), you may be able to imagine and see the other realms that exist.  And, you may be able to see, in your mind’s eye, the extraterrestrial that you have been and are (on some level of existence).  You may feel the energy of the angels.  And, you may be able to feel the energy of nature’s spirits that also communicate with you... continued...

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One thought on “Communicate with the Spirit Realm

  1. This is beautiful and profound. Simion through Amariah is teaching a rigorously non-dualistic perspective on channelling; although, if separation is an illusion, then maybe the metaphor of channelling itself seems misleading, since non-separation implies that either everything is channelled or nothing is channelled but rather direct, communication. This perspective is very illuminating, helping me to open up my imagination a bit more to how I read events. Thank you Amariah!

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