The Guides

Amariah is a conduit for telepathic communication with many types of enlightened spiritual guides.  Soulsalight members can find messages posted from specific guides among the following types, offering insights on diverse topics to help our journey in being alight.  The descriptions are based on channeled information.

Elohim light imageSIMION: A collective of light beings involved in creating and encouraging evolution of worlds and species.  They have been referred to as Elohim by angelic beings, as from the Hebrew bible, which translates to "creator gods".  This collective is associated with the number 7, or seventh dimension.  They are pure energy beings that design and bring into being in collaboration with others, the matrix grids of worlds.  They did not evolve from incarnated forms, but were always energy connected with the source consciousness of All That Is.  This particular group of creator beings, were the first that Amariah connected with, and they called themselves Simion, The Evolutionary Collective


Extraterrestrial BeingsEXTRATERRESTRIALS:  These are beings that evolved in other parts of the universe other than Earth.  Our star brothers and sisters. They exist in various dimensions.  Most that are able to communicate telepathically through Amariah are from the 4th dimension and beyond, as other three dimensional ETs are not advanced enough in awareness to be able to transmit messages through a channel.  Amariah telepathically connects with many types of benevolent ET beings that are interested in assisting us with our evolution. They are all beings of light and of a high vibration. Click the links to read what Amariah has received about the nature of beings more prominently involved with Earth.  Andromedans, Arcturians, Avians, Felines, Mantis, Pleiadians, Reptilians and Zeta Reticulans

Ascended Master Teacher

ASCENDED MASTERS: These are beings of our solar system that have lived Earth lives and ascended while incarnate by their own merit to a higher level of awareness.  Many of these masters exist in a 5th dimensional reality where they are working to spread the unconditional love consciousness that is often called Christ Consciousness.  At this level there is no need for physical existence and most service is done from ethereal realms as guides to our ascension process.  These masters where able to transcend the density of 3D while incarnate to exist within a 4th dimensional less dense reality, which allowed them to do miraculous acts beyond the limits of space, time, and physical laws. Ascended Masters that Amariah has received messages from are Jesus (Yeshua), Mary Magdeline, Babjii, and Moses (Moshe), among others.

angelic being angelANGELS: Archangels and other angelic beings are protectors, messengers and spiritual guides for our soul journey.  Archangels are powerful overseers of all angels and have governance over various concepts.  Angels have personalities and inclinations just as we do and play particular roles depending on their specialties.  They are etheric beings that exist in a finer frequency of reality.  They are not subject to the limits of space and time and the physical world as we are when incarnate.  They are not creators like us.  Their role is to assist us in the creative process.  They are another aspect of the universal force of creation and serve as facilitators.  There are angels of Earth and angels in other star systems.

Elemental Air FairyELEMENTALS: These are beings that are of a lighter frequency than us, but still exist in a three dimensional reality.  They include what are known as fairies, gnomes, elves, nature spirits and Devas and are often associated with the four elements; fire (salamandars), water (undines), air (sylphs) and earth (gnomes).  On Earth they assist the growth and development of the natural world, other than humans.  They may be considered the angels of first and second density beings and of animals and plants of 3D that are less self-aware than humans. Amariah has connected to these beings as well as the consciousness of natural forms such as rocks and mountains.

OTHER GUIDES: Amariah has also connected with beings from an alternate Earth reality, called Middle Earth and beings that call themselves Stars and Glowing Orbs from other planets. She also sometimes connects with Earth souls that are acting as personal guides from the non-physical Earth planes.


~ Members of Soulsalight are able to read, hear audio and see video messages from these guides as they are added monthly.  Membership Subscriptions support Amariah in bringing us this guidance and allow her to continually add new telepathically received material from various higher dimensional beings.