Soul Living

soul centered livingOnce you have opened to your greater soul origin and discovered your soul purpose, soulful living becomes a natural motivation.  If you haven’t yet become aware of your origin and purpose, soul living can help you come to know these and enrich your life. 

Advising you on how to live a soul governed life is the aim of most of the beings I connect with.  They have many perspectives on what this means and guidance on how to live from the soul and why to do so.  

I will leave it to them to speak about this, as you explore their messages on this site. However, below I share some of what I have gleaned from these beings about soulcentric living. May it inspire you to learn more.



The path of Soul Living includes:

  1. Making decisions from inner awareness and guidance
  2. Trusting in one’s connection to Source for everything
  3. Creating from a place of Certainty
  4. Taking responsibility for all that one attracts into one’s experience
  5. Raising the vibration of one’s emotions with consciousness
  6. Empathizing with others, as aspects of the One
  7. Opening to higher senses and expanding awareness
  8. Sensitizing to frequency of energy signatures
  9. Being a channel through one’s soul purpose
  10. Acknowledging the interconnectedness of everything that exists
  11. Seeing the light in all situations and beings, without judgment
  12. Perceiving reality beyond polarity and the confines of time and space
  13. Sharing one’s soul light through soul inclinations and receiving same from others

To delve more deeply into these ideas and how to activate them in your reality, you can read or listen to what these enlightened beings have to say directly. When you join as a member of the SoulsAlight community you can access more.  If you are really ready to go Galactic about it, you can become a subscription donation member with access to much more and support the continuance of soul living knowledge for all.


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    1. The 4th dimension…”is a transition phase from physical to pure energy expression, and is focused on developing the ability to create through consciousness.”

      You will have to wait until your physical form degrades here on earth. Upon astral realizations, you will then make a decision.

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