spiral dimensions in multiverseThere really is no way to fully comprehend these universal guides without having an open mind to the possibility that there is more to this universe than we are fully aware of and that includes the existence of other dimensions. Without this, you may be quite perplexed as to why many of these species are unseen from our perspective.

With the help of telepathic contact from advanced beings, I have attempted to explain the different dimensions and how the species generally express consciousness in each.  This is no easy tasks as words and our 3D view are too limited to express the scope.

Us trying to understand a more expanded dimension is like a dot trying to understand what it would be like being in a cube and everything that opens to its thinking, doing and being from there.  It is almost as difficult for a cube to know what it is like being simply a dot.  Plus, the dot is no longer just a dot when it is viewed from three dimensions. Therefore, you see that expanding to a higher dimension makes the perspective on everything below it change too.   Shifting to a higher dimension requires an expansion of awareness, and once you do it your evolution speeds up exponentially.  The lines are also not always so clear cut between dimensions and evolving through them is not necessarily consecutive.  There are various perspectives within each dimension, sometimes referred to as densities or frequencies of vibration that also play a role in the dimensional experience.

I have been told that there are twelve dimensions in our universe.   Within these there are many probable parallel universal expressions, making our universe what some term a multi-verse.   Consciousness makes up the universe as a whole and it is constantly expanding.   Hence, apparently a thirteenth dimension is being created now.  While it appears that one dimension may have sprung from another, one cannot exist without the others, because they make up a cohesive unified whole where all are equally important.

Golden Mean Spiral Fibonacci SequenceThe dimensions have been described to me as being like a spiral formation continually expanding outward. We can relate to this through the golden mean spiral as expressed by the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, wherein the previous two numbers add together to make the next.

1             1             2             3             5             8             13           21           34           55           89          144 ....

Below I describe how the dimensions can be viewed, according to information received through higher dimensional contacts. I list the dimension and then the corresponding Fibonacci number, which has numerological significance for each dimensional perspective. I have shared some of that information, but there is lots more to this and its fun to ponder for yourself, if you are so inclined. Then I describe the relationship the dimension has with space and time and the general awareness and focus of species at these levels.

Some consider time a dimension of its own, but the guides say that the experience of time and space simply change through the dimensions.   Also, and this is the real mind-boggler, all these dimensions are existing at once and being created at once and are dependent on each other, so it becomes hard to define them separately when you realize the significance of this.  But here is the attempt.

Sacred Geometry DimensionsFirst Dimension ~ Fibonacci # 1: The point of arrival into being where only the present is known. Physical expression from out view would be at the atomic level as single particles. Awareness is an urge to continue, but is unaware of being separate from others and of a self identity.   Communication is inherent electrical impulses, but unconscious of the meaning of motives.

The Law of Attraction begins forming realities and is influenced by all the energy and creative motives of higher dimensions. This level and the next are where consciousness exists as an impetus and is completely open to becoming form, as is reflected in the number one.   Things are being sprouted anew constantly here. This is like the fountain of creation and is the unified oneness.  This is the seed level of creation.  The Fibonacci number 1 represents the form from which all complexity unfurls.

Second Dimension ~ Fibonacci # 1:  The splitting into two or separate particles or cells that then create connections that form elements and more complex expressions energetically. Polarity develops as a push and pull, as well as a union of opposites, and gravity unites matter bodies.  Galaxies and solar systems being created out of the Big Bang might be our view of the second dimension being born in a sequential perspective.  Time is only seen as forward movement with no ability to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.

Big Bang Universe ExpandingUnique expressions and reflection of self as separate from the One and others begins to occur.  There is an instinctual impetus at this level to grow with only crude awareness of the process and choices are not apparent.  Communication is instinctual or impulse based. Though we do not know it, we greatly influence this dimension with what we choose to give attention to in our 3D world.

We can be helping a spark in 2D become more aware by the attention we give forms around us. From our 3D view this level is like the soup of consciousness waiting to blossom into our 3D awareness. It is what Quantum Physicists might call the Quantum Field.  This is where the conscious observer plays a huge influence on what is materialized.  It is still Fibonacci number 1 because it remains an initial sprouting phase of creation.  You might view 2D  as the first stem on a sprouting plant that unfolds with two leaves.

3D cube 3rd dimensionThird Dimension ~ Fibonacci # 2: Awareness expands into three spacial directions and time frames to explore. Past, present, and future awareness within a sequential progression awakens and the environment allows movement up, down and sideways.   Physical forms become more complex cooperatives and self identity develops further complexity.  Diversity of consciousness evolves various and more complex species and expressions.

The awareness of cause and effect of thoughts and actions expands.  Opposites reveal differences and choices; from basic avoidance of pain and seeking of nourishment, as seen in plants and animals, to more varied human thought. Communication is through conscious physical interaction.  The world appears solid, dense and difficult to navigate because of the limited view of space and time.  With its opposing sides, 3D can is like being confined in a cube where views are limited and there are seeming laws of physics to be adhered to.

Since the physical body is not yet understood as a container for consciousness, when it degrades, it goes into migrates to an astral state, which is still a part of the third dimension (some have called it the fourth), where its level of awareness then determines its reincarnation.  The less aware, three dimensional beings incarnate automatically into something of similar vibration, while those beings that are more aware, have a conscious decision as to where and what they will experience next, though it is still related to a cause and effect or law of attraction model.  The Fibonacci number 2 is reflected in the focus on opposites, including good and bad and right and wrong.  I big part of this dimensional experience is establishing individual expression and realizing the impact of cause and effect in how reality is lived for the self and others.

4th dimension starsFourth Dimension ~ Fibonacci # 3:  A wider view of time and space makes the probable past, present and future visible, so sequential time and space is seen as more malleable. Physical forms become less solid and understood as merely vessels for consciousness. Opposites dissolve and choices are seen as neither good nor bad, and are chosen for the expansion of experience.  This dimension is a transition phase from physical to pure energy expression, and is focused on developing the ability to create through consciousness. Collective and individual energetic connections between beings are apparent. Communication becomes increasingly telepathic through empathic and energetic sensitivities and higher mental, emotional and extra-sensory abilities are finely tuned and aid evolution.

Awareness and knowledge gained from lives beyond the present become increasingly integrated into the whole self. The astral field is seen as an energy containment of all consciousness in the given matrix, and is no longer perceived as a separate realm.  Species learn to interact with the astral field of locations to understand and collectively create. Beings in 4D learn to transfer consciousness to a new physical form at will instead of having to reincarnate.  They retain memories of being in previous bodies.  The Fibonacci number three represents a third view from that of simply opposing forces and also the power of choice in creating beyond opposites.  4D beings see beyond the limits of good and evil and learn the power of making higher vibratory choices.  It is a dimension of endless creative possibilities and exploration. Many species in this dimension learn to effectively time travel, some with advanced technology, and others through mental advancements. This dimension is a diverse playground that makes ours look simple.  It gives a lot of leeway for beings to explore who they are and how they can contribute in the universe.

5th Dimension Geometry Art by Endre BaloghFifth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #5: Time and space is experienced as a choice of focus and as multidimensional.   No need for a physical form, and consciousness unites with and becomes fully aware of aspects that were separated in lower dimensional perspectives. Knowledge of all lives become integrated. We view this as ascension into a pure energy form. Many call this the dimension of unconditional love or Christ Consciousness, because awareness is fully aligned with that universal frequency and its power to create.  Impact of being of service to others and one’s effect on the whole becomes paramount. Species usually are still focused around a place of origin and expanding the potential of their own world or species.  Communication is by means of focused telepathy and shared experiences.

Many souls become teachers at this level for those developing in 3rd and 4th dimensions. This is the dimension where most of what we call ascended masters exist and other teachers or guides that are focused on aiding evolution.  Beings often take on the form energetically of the beings they evolved from in the previous dimensional awareness. Beings can go from the third dimension directly to the fifth and have done so, but it is more common for beings to experience the full power of their creativity in the 4th dimension first and learn how to be fully in tune with higher emotional vibrations before moving on to choose this path.  The fifth dimension is service oriented and also where beings find communion with and fine tune their connection to source energy in creating and serving the whole.

5D Graphic Image by Endre Balogh www.endresart.com

6th Dimension Geometry Sixth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #8: In 6D multidimensional consciousness collectively creates on a larger scale than self and Species.  New level of creativity and imagination add to expanding abilities and more universal perspective on creation. Species extend focus to other worlds and influencing a greater whole. Communication and abilities are unlimited by space and time and there is interest in guiding lower dimensions and developing inter-species relations.

There is still individual awareness, but it is always within a consideration of a larger consciousness, no matter the species evolution. The Fibonacci number 8 governs 6D motives to express more of an infinite nature.  The understanding of how the unity expressed in the the number zero, in fact, twists into the number eight, and all is contained in that endless circuitry of energetic transfer.

Sixth dimension awareness is introspective but with a wider view. Beings here aim to learn and grow for the sake of empowering the whole and they comprehend the impacts they have through space and time.  They have a drive that is based on knowing the principals of the 5th dimensional unconditional love vibration and the desire to spread this knowing. Beings in 6D want to play a bigger role in creation and that is what moves their activities.  A 6D being can appear in whatever form suits their personal and collective creative ventures, but they still do so within their species evolution. Or they may choose consciously to follow another species path for a short while or a long time.   There may be a lot of movement through species as this is also a time where beings want to take in lots of new information about creation and its many expressions. Many 6D souls will incarnate into lower awareness to gain experience with different worlds or to assist.

7th dimensionSeventh Dimension ~ Fibonacci #13: Place of formation of matrices for worlds. Springs continually from the expansion of 1- 6D consciousness, and now holds the fabric of worlds in tact. There is full awareness of all the previous dimensions and the directive of those above. Beings at this level are pure energy and often did not evolve from physical forms, but were created out of consciousness, as a whole in any given environment, to bring creation to new levels of expression.

Species work entirely collectively with the fibers of light that connect and feed all consciousness and form.   Focus is on creating and helping evolution of all realities by infusing them with form and energetic impetus for expression and to continue a collective creation.  Species are system model creators and maintainers and energetic support. This dimension is almost like a culmination and accumulation of all previous levels of awareness and is at the same time the building material of the higher dimensions. Orbs and pure light beings exists here and they work to empowers all the pieces of creation with its unifying principals and structures often based on sacred geometry.

The Fibonacci number thirteen is a pure expression of the creation impulse of the number one (1st and 2nd dimensions) plus the creative output of the number three (3rd and 4th dimensions) in combination. It is an unbalanced and prime number and thus derives its power from whatever balance is created within it by all the other consciousness helping to form a world or matrix for creative expression. Beings come to this dimension that have a specific inclination to build form and structure. A soul can come from any other dimension to play this role. It can also be a respite for souls that have come from a physical path. It allows them to be a part of creating structure from an inside and collective view, so to speak.


8th Dimension Infinite 8Eighth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #21: Awareness here is of infinite existence and beings are involved in continuing to push the envelope of possibility that is developed within the previous dimensions. This is a level of ultimate creative thought and formation of ideas.  Species here are becoming masters of infinite influence by being sparks of new conceptual expression shared throughout the universe. Beings at this awareness may travel throughout the universe and play in a way that would almost seem intrusive to us, but they have an incredibly wide perspective and know the fleeting and yet deep significance of everything happening everywhere.

There is a view of infinity that becomes truly flexible and exudes a playfulness with it all. Often beings in 6D will evolve to have more impact with a greater reach on the creative flow of evolution on many levels.   There are twenty one levels that 8th dimensional beings go through to fully awaken to what they view as the Ultimate Infinite.  They take this lightly and quite seriously at the same time. There is a profound sense of balance in 8D, but it is way beyond our idea of balance. There is almost a humor in the Fibonacci connection to the number 21 as reflecting a sort of regression into the first two fundamental dimensions that make up the building material of all.  There must be an understanding of the first two dimensions to be creative in 8D. Beings have a sense of humor at this level that we probably wouldn’t totally get. Some might say that beings in 8D are akin to that of the omnipotent character in Star Trek episodes, called “Q” who can appear as anything and loves to meddle.  But that is only from our point of view.  They do not view their role as meddling, but rather inspiring and infusing creative life into the universe, which they do.

9th dimension in golden meanNinth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #34: Consciousness is spent on the completion of cycles and then a spinning outward of energy to create the beginnings of new cycles. There is awareness of larger meaning of all creations and their multidimensional outcomes that naturally follows experiences of previous dimensions.  Species here are focused on completing and reflecting on the creation processes thus far throughout the universe and make decisions about the next wave of creations based on the previous cycles performance.

This is a big transitional phase of completing creations and preparing for and launching energy into the next. There are lots of what we might consider to be committees on this level of awareness.  Many diverse beings and various species from all areas of the universe come together to bring meaning and closure, or continuance, to what has and is, being created. This is a place of unity of species and a high level of decision making in teams of colorful consciousness.

The Fibonacci number 34 has a deep connection to the number seven 3+4. Beings at this stage have a strong influence on what happens with matrices that exist as foundations in the 7th dimension and how they will move on or not.  You can also see how the 9th rung within the Golden Spiral really becomes expanded and embraces the tighter inner spiral like an enveloping arm.  The number 9 itself is a competed spiral. The 9th dimension envelops all the previous ones and represents the completion of most of the creative processes within the universe.   You can see the 9th rung completing in the golden spiral in much of nature also.  The remaining dimensions might be seen as In Service to the formative first 9 in a way.


singularity spawning creation dimensionTenth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #55: Consciousness connects back to the Oneness of the first dimension, but with a new awareness of all that was created in 9 dimensions. This is a resting place of unification back to the origin and empowering place where the singularity spawns creation. Beings are not reaching out to communicate and influence from here, but instead are collectively focused on the next phase of creative expansion from the Oneness.

This is almost like a dimension of spiritual retreat or a vow of silence and contemplation of all universal principals. It is  55 in Fibonacci numerology indicating a balance of two fives.  Five being knowledge or wisdom and the 5th dimension knowing of universal love consciousness.  The two fives can also cancel each other out  which forces awareness back to zero along with the fundamental impetus of the number 1 creating 10.

It is a profound place to be and follows the completion experienced in the ninth dimension but one can also find there way here direct from any dimension above the 4th any time. You rarely hear of beings as guides or channeled, or souls incarnating from the 1oth dimension.  That is because this dimension is not about reaching out, but rather going inward to the Source of all consciousness in the Oneness.  Individuality becomes melded into the bliss of being unified with all Creation.



11th dimensionEleventh Dimension ~ Fibonacci #89: This dimension is characterized by the purity of seeing the oneness and all creation in unity and of being in service on many levels.  The infinite is in balance and no longer in a place of creative urges.   Beings become of service to respective worlds in all dimensions.  This is the realm of what we call angels, where there is no creation happening, only service to creation. This is a level of messages, signs, encouragement and guidance, where beings are capable of entering all dimensions and becoming a part of each system in service to those creating within. The beings here are messengers of creation.

Like the number eleven implies, there exists two lines of communication or transaction in two directions, in and out. Also seen in the Fibonacci number 89; the 8 is infinite and can be a part of all creative levels, and the 9 is an aid to completing the cycles represented in each creation. This is a powerful number and is in service to the infinitely completing and unfolding within the universe. And there are 89 types of service and energetic messages to relay from this realm. It is in many ways a very structured dimension, with its own hierarchy of actions. The hierarchy of angelic beings that we know from our religious texts and experiences are depictions of this perspective. Beings or souls can come from any level of awareness to the eleventh dimension if their inclination is aligned with its service orientation.

12th dimension councilTwelth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #144: This level of creation sees all things in all spaces created in all times, at once and can travel to any world in any time line.  There is awareness of all dimensions with a powerful and expansive perspective and influence.  Consciousness here has a desire to serve and oversee the direction of creation throughout the universe.  Beings here have come out of the 9th, 10th and 11th and are form councils to focus their intense energy.  They are not dictators, simply guides to various perspectives throughout the multi-verse.   They influence by counseling and radiating pure energy thought forms.

You will often hear of 12th dimension council messages being channeled and they usually will have 12 to 144 members.  They will work with any level of reality and any species.  Absolutely nothing is beyond them, so to speak. They know the oneness like they know everything created from it. One might think they are the gods of the universe, but they know better than that. They have the full knowing that we are all the gods of creation. 12D Councils gather in mutually created environments that are special to the group evolutions or purpose.  It could appear as anything from a castle, a mountain top sanctuary, a starship, a pyramid sailing through time to a star nebula.

Certain species originally created this dimension from their own evolution (i.e. Felines, Avians and Dragons) who came from another universe, but now there are many souls that have found their way to this level that have evolved in this universe, including some from species we know of, such as Pleiadians (first evolved humans), or the winged race of Andromedans, and some Archangels now work in this dimension.  These souls have been many things and they can become anything that exists instantly, but they usually have come from the evolutionary path of a certain species.  These beings in 12D come from many galaxies in all corners of what we perceive as the universe.  It is truly vast you know.  And 12D beings enjoy the expanse and diversity and can travel throughout, in the wink of an eye, but  councils will focus on aiding evolution in particular areas of the universe.

Thirteenth Dimension ~ Fibonacci #233: A new 13th dimension is being created as our multi-verse expands on all levels of awareness through the dimensions. What do you think its characteristics or awareness will be?