Arcturian Travel and Transmissions

Arcturian Spirit ArtArcturian ambassador message to live audience on how they make contact with us, send energetic transmissions, and travel via geometry.

I am El Ectarus and I speak to you from the star system Arcturus, but from a sixth dimensional point of view. It is my pleasure to be here to speak with you. I am communicating with you via the faculties of this being present in your reality but it is my energy that is being transmitted through her using her vocal facilities. We call this in your words, what you may want to perceive as the idea of telepathic communication or energetic communication. This is the contact that we prefer at this time in receiving and giving to your civilization.   This is the first half of a live channeling through Amariah at the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center in July, 2012. You can download the entire audio file from the SoulsAlight Store or Listen FREE as a Galactic Member  SignUpButton

It is very difficult for us to materialize in a 3-D reality and we understand that you will not necessarily receive it appropriately if we were to land, so to say, on your White House lawn. We understand that the information would not be distributed as we wish. We wish to communicate to those who are receptive on a spiritual level of consciousness to the point where they can open their minds to receive the understanding we bring forth, and to those who are ready to expand their awareness to reveal more of themselves. We cannot communicate with those who are not ready to understand that this is a universe of spiritual consciousness and that it is all a spiritual reality, because you will not be ready to understand where we are coming from, how we communicate with you, or how we travel to you.

ARCTURUS Contact Geometry Art  by John Paul Polk
Arcturus Contact Geometry

We travel through energetic means and through the actual use of what you call geometry, which we see on a very different dimensional level. You are seeing your geometry in a three dimensional level. We see it far beyond that, which is indescribable to your understanding at this present moment. You can, however, receive particular data that is appropriate to you at this time; appropriate in activating abilities that are inherent in your being.

Even though you think there are only a few of you receiving this, each of you is connected to millions of others on your vibrational level. You are not singularities in actuality, and each of you has a grid of connection. You are a point in a grid that is related to your soul energies and that grid is not only on this planet Earth, but reaches beyond the Earth. You sitting here who think that you are just a few, are actually millions. So when we come to speak to you thus, we are speaking to millions of people. You are the representatives and the openness of your consciousness allows the transmission of energy to these others. Even if you are not conscious of your openness, the fact that you are sitting here reveals this to us and makes it possible.

As Arcturians, we communicate and we travel through the use of our geometric understanding. We understand that as we connect with particular formations, that each has an energetic consciousness of its own and we commune, so to say, with that energy and this allows us to move through the universe. Different worlds have a different signature frequency and particular geometric structures associated with them. That is how we are able to move through the universe and through dimensional realities. We actually understand how to create what is needed to be created in any one of these realities.  So if we need to create something that is able to exist in one reality, we do so. In order to move into your three dimensional reality, we create particular vessels or vehicles that you call ships, that are in tune with the frequency of planet Earth. We do this by attuning to your geometrical structures down to a molecular level....  Continued... 

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