Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Because of the overwhelming amount of requests, telepathic channel Amariah is offering special personal channeled guidance sessions in which she connects with your personal guide(s) or higher self for assistance.

In the spirit of the messages received from Simion, these sessions are meant to empower individuals to make their own connections so that they will no longer need mediums for such interactions.

Amariah will make the connection to your guide(s) from a spiritual realm or other dimension so that you can begin to establish a conscious relationship and call upon your guide at anytime yourself. She will ask your specific questions on matters of present concern to you and find out how you can best connect with your guides yourself. Often the beings will offer signals that can be used as aids to call upon them.

Amariah is a conduit for beings of light. She will always request the highest guide(s) for your current stage of development on Earth. She has channeled messages from soul's that have lived past lives on this planet as well as angelic beings, ascended masters, and several higher dimensional evolved extraterrestrial beings and light beings.

Personal channeling sessions conducted thus far, for example, have come from ascended masters, archangels, angelic guides, several higher dimensional ET beings such as Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Mantis beings, Pegasarians, Pleiadians and evolved souls from Maldek and Venus, to name a few.

There are many humans alive today whose souls have lived on other planets and have evolved to higher dimensions. They are here to assist with humankind's awakening. You may be one of these evolved souls or you may be an Earth soul that is ready to move on to your next stage of spiritual growth. Either way, Amariah can be the conduit to help you discover your soul connections and greater purpose for this journey.

Remember that you must always feel the information received from your own higher self and take only what feels right for you at this time. You always have a choice of which probable personal realities you wish to experience. Sometimes the guidance is relevant to what you are presently focused on and are giving energy to. However, these sessions tend to relate to your highest soul purpose. You have a choice to change any predicted probable outcome and whether or not to pursue your soul's intended mission.

No appointment is necessary for your session. Amariah will telepathically connect with your personal guide(s) and type the message as it is received, and email it to you.  Once you place your order, you will receive an email asking for some basic information, a photo of yourself, and questions for your guide. The wait time can be from 1-5 weeks depending on Amariah's work load.

A Half Hour session produces approximately 750-1000 words of guidance.  Generally, five questions can be effectively answered in this time.

A full Hour session produces approximately 1500-2000 words of guidance.  Generally, ten questions can be effectively answered in this time.

SOUL CONNECT sessions cover the basics of your Soul: including Name, Origin, Path, Abilities and more.
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Some Testimonials and Thanks

Words simply cannot express what a gift Jill Mara is to all of humanity and beyond.  Connecting with Jill and her work is like reuniting with a long lost and deeply missed part of your soul.  In essence, she is doing just that, reconnecting us to the Deeper truths of our existence and to the Higher aspects of our being.  Hearing Jill speak immediately stirs a resonance within, awakening a distant memory and knowing.  Through her work she is actively assisting in bringing Heaven closer to Earth as she bridges worlds together.  I find her highly inspirational, extraordinarily genuine and breathtakingly real. 

I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for the channeled guidance session you did for me.  It has brought me such peace and insight as well as light and validation to so many different areas in my life that had previously left me puzzled and bewildered. 

~ Dianna C. Gregg, founder of Soulistic Energetics Soulistic Energetics

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Thank you so much for this channelled session. Reading it filled me with such a sense of release and recognition. When I first read my highest self's name the tears just overflowed and continued through the reading. There was much that I had suspected about myself already so to read it in front of me was so wonderfully reassuring. I know that I will truly be able to move forward now with greater self-confidence and loving acceptance of my idiosyncrasies. Knowing who I really am helps me to understand myself here on Earth so much better. This has been a wonderful, enlightening experience.

I have read my session over and over and so many questions have come to mind. Some are directly related to what my higher self said to me and others come from just wanting to understand myself more as a Mantis soul. (I'm a bit blown away by the whole Mantis thing! I had a suspicion that this was my first time on Earth but from my Earth perspective that just seemed a tad crazy, right? LOL). Anyway, this has been a wonderful first step.

With much appreciation ~ Elissa

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Your channel together with your book keys to soul evolvement brought me so much confirmations and new insights. Especially the discovery that my ego is very present at times and how this influences my connection to spirit.

In the last couple of weeks I had a large deepening of the connection with my higher self that you channeled. Automatically came the awareness of who I really am in relationship with the present moment. Very noticeable is the increase of people/clients who are coming for guidance at the moment. But most special of all is the inward feeling of connection with All that Is and the accompanying higher vibrational feelings. Thanks for your help and I am very proud of my growth.

Keep up your beautiful work. ~ Blessings, Michel

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I found the information in the session quite meaningful and insightful.  The information seemed very descriptive of the person that I know myself to be and gave confirmation of my life purpose as I know it to be.  It also seemed to contain so much information in each sentence and paragraph that was beyond just the written word.  The information seemed both magical and practical at the same time and gave me much to consider in my daily life and much hope for the future.  Reading the session was so profound that I read it 3 times before going to sleep last night. Jill, thank you so much for the session.  I consider it a wonderful gift and a great resource to begin 2011. ~ Paul

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Thank you so much Amariah. :) I think I needed the shake-up and awakening the first reading provided and time to let that settle in, so I could fully hear and absorb this second reading, which felt soothing and gave me closure and peace. Hearing someone who knows you, speak of you while seeing you in your highest and brightest light is incredibly comforting and uplifting. I cherish these words from Chantel and yourself and am so grateful to you both for sharing your time and energy so that I might benefit from these messages I very much needed to hear. I have been lifted up and revived through these channelings and their energies and am just.... completely and utterly grateful to be a recipient of your gift and Chantel's desire to come forth and speak with you and me. My heart feels like it's grown three sizes at least! ;) Thank You :) ~ Love always, Kristen/Chrysonem

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Dear AMariah, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL READING!!! You are a true gift for humanity and I’m so grateful to you for sharing your light here! Everything in my life makes so much sense on a whole new, deeper and higher level now! The knowledge YOU provided me in the reading helps me trust my intuition more and trust the informations I receive through visions. For example, I have seen myself in Lemuria as a beautiful and powerful woman and received a song about it called The Queen. Now I understand why Lion King is my all time favourite Disney movie and why I resonate so much with the superhero, Catwoman and cats in general. I see why I feel connected to Saint Germain and Merlin the most and why I have scenes playing in Inner Earth in my movie screenplay. I always have visions of being there, performing magical healing rituals. And I feel most drawn to souls who have elven and feline energies... Also the name you gave me is just perfect! Resonates with me in every fibre of my being! For awhile now, I was thinking about my artist name and I came up with three I resonated the most with, Aruna, Alyna, Anila. It had to be something starting with A and ending with A. But now I might end up using the name you provided for me. Anelisa And lastly, the most important thing is that a couple of months ago I realised that I have some sort of rejection towards the Pleiadians. And it didn’t make sense because they are such beautiful beings. I mean, I resonate with Mantis beings and welcome them easily. Reptilians too. Like any beings (even demons, ghosts) you can think of which could frighten some people… But never the Pleiadians. I just couldn’t relate to them because I felt way too far from the beauty and perfection I see of the way they look/present themselves. Like, I cannot be Pleiadian because they are so breathtakingly beautiful and I am not like that at all. So it made me think that it has to be a deeper reason why I reject them. Why I always pushed the idea/them aside. Why I never call them for help, support and guidance… But now, thanks to YOU, I understand!!! I’m going to start to connect with them and connect with that part of myself/my soul. And I really see that maybe this was the blockage I always sensed… I’m really excited to start to work on this. So again, just thank you so so much dear AMariah! I feel like a I cannot say thank you enough times to express how grateful and thankful I am to you!!! You are absolutely magical and beautiful!!! Soon, I’ll definitely reach out to you to have an other reading too! I wish you a wonderful day! Sending you eternal Love&Light&Blessings! Forever grateful to you, Aniko or even better, ANELISA

Please note that Jill "Amariah" Mara reserves the right to use any material from your session that may be of interest and assistance to others for publication. Your real name or any identifying information, would not be used.

Disclaimer: The channel takes no responsibility for your reaction to the session nor does she make any particular guarantees. She does her best to be a clear channel for your guide and to be as accurate as possible with the translation.

All the funds from these sessions keep Amariah functioning and able to share the knowledge of Simion and other enlightented beings for the assistance of human and Earth evolution.

You may also arrange to host a visit from Amariah for a group channeling session on our spiritual life purpose and ascension, with Simion, the 7th dimension light beings and others. Check out the events link above for details.