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Soul Purpose is the fuel of Passion!


It is among our most natural desires to know our purpose.  Whether we think of it as a general purpose for existence itself, or as a personal purpose or mission for being who we are in this lifetime, it is something that we want to know.  Science and Religion seek to explain a greater purpose. Many of us formulate an answer to satisfy this longing to know by following a belief system. Often this is not enough to fulfill the desire to know our individual purpose. 

From my communications with many types of beings in many dimensional realities, it is revealed that we do have particular purposes or perhaps better said, intended missions of discovery or accomplishment for our soul.  When we incarnate on Earth, we forget our life purpose and this feels disconcerting.  It is uncomfortable because somewhere within we know there is a purpose and that it is not all random.  Even those that believe in science as the only means of finding answers to life’s questions, will often feel a desire to live purposefully, though they may not know why. 

Why do we want purpose and why do we not remember what it is?  Firstly, our soul spark was born out of purpose, and that is what fuels progression and evolution of awareness. See the Soul Origin tab for more on this. The impetus to grow creates more purpose.  So we cannot do or be anything else, but purposeful if we are to feel fulfilled. 

Each soul has inclinations that sprung from its unique evolutionary process and thus has its own journey filled with its own instigating and underlying purpose.  So why do we have to forget our purpose when we are here on Earth?  The biggest reason is that we are born within the cloud of the collective consciousness of Earth and Earthlings. 

When an Earth soul passes over from the physical to the astral through death of the body, then it is still confined to the astral plane of Earth that contains all the history of human consciousness.  There are many guides for those souls to help them navigate this realm and find their way to another experience that will further their journey, and this can form a purpose for the next life.  Always, there is free will, and the purpose may not be remembered or followed.  There is no judgment in this.  

Sometimes, the soul gives no time to reflect and jumps back into an incarnation out of a reaction to the past life, and their purpose becomes revenge or some other emotional urge. Many have been caught in such a cycle of karmic debt.  Or, worse, they remain lost in the astral plane related to a place or circumstance from the past life. Or they may leave a part of their energy there, as they hold too tightly to the experience. There is much to be said about this, but ....

The point is, as a soul goes through their journey, and raises their level of self awareness, they create the ability to more suitably direct their mission and hence the fulfillment of their soul purpose.  Beings that have greater awareness than the human’s of Earth, are quite deliberate directors of their missions in the universe and they also may quite consciously decide to incarnate into various worlds to assist or to experience those realities for a particular developmental purpose.

While we all have the purpose to grow and evolve through our creations, and to become increasingly aware of our abilities as sparks of the Creator, we also have our own unique path within that dynamic that creates individual purpose for any given life experience.

Many of the beings you will hear from on this site speak of their purpose, the purpose of their collective group, or even of their species as a whole.  Many of us, born on Earth today, come with a purpose related to our origin species and of our soul’s inclinations. Many Earth soul’s are discovering that they are more than their karmic debts and are finding their way to the forgiveness that frees them from this hold.  This is giving them new purpose and direction that is self created outside of the astral influences.  This is evolution, and purpose is what drives it forward to new uncharted territories. And, this is the purpose for SoulsAlight.

Helping you find and live your soul purpose is the driving force of this site and the messages it shares.

~ Amariah

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