Actions for Difficult Times

change-starts-with-u“What are the most important actions to take in these difficult times?”

Greetings. We are Simion, the Evolutionary Collective. It gives us quite a thrill to hear your question and we are excited to answer it. Your question of “what are the most important actions for people to take in these difficult times?” 

Firstly we note that you are asking about actions, and we must first state, and we hope that you do clearly understand, that before any action is taken, there must be desire and there must be thought. And with this desire and this thought, there is an accompanying state of emotion. And thus we presume then that you understand that before your actions are taken there must be this level of thought that came from your desire, and you must consider where you are coming from in that desire and that thought, and that will determine the quality and the energetic vibration of your actions.     You can download this audio message from the SoulsAlight Store or Listen FREE as a Galactic Member  SignUpButton

The answer to this question about what are the most important actions to take in these difficult times is quite simple. We are going to tell you that the action to take is for you to be a PAL. Yes, be a Pal. And what we mean by that, is to take actions that are of Peace, Abundance and Love.  In this you are being a pal.  We say that to help you remember what you must Be, and the kinds of actions you must take are of Peace, Abundance, and Love.

This may not be what you were expecting as an answer to this question. We expect that you wanted to hear something that was based on an entirely opposite mentality; that of fear, because you are talking about difficult times. But it is in these difficult times, these times of heightened vibration that are only difficult when your state of mind is in the difficulty. We ask you to instead to take your actions out of the difficulty and be a PAL. Take actions of Peace, Abundance, and Love.  We will explore a little further on these ideas that we speak of.

forgive_for_peaceTo be in Peace, one must be able to forgive. So taking actions of forgiveness that are coming after your desire and your thoughts. Take your actions of Peace through forgiveness. Because when you forgive, you become at Peace. And thus you are forgiving yourself, because many of you are very hard on yourselves, mostly, and you forget to forgive yourselves. When you forgive yourself, you become at peace with whatever it is that you did that you feel that you need to forgive, and it relaxes your state of mind and heightens your vibration.

You must be in a place of forgiving and taking actions of forgiveness to your friends, to your family, to any that you feel that you have taken advantage of or done something to hurt, or make the other feel badly… or that you just feel within yourself that you have wronged them. Take an action.

Firstly of course, you must have the desire to forgive and you must feel the emotion of forgiveness and have the thoughts to take then, action. The action may be simply doing a meditation of forgiveness and sending light to that person. It may be taking action of actually writing that letter or making a phone call and forgiving any actions that you feel you did to them, and that they may have caused you harm. If there is anything that you feel that has been done to you, which of course is not a reality at all because nothing is really done to you, but this is another topic of discussion… but if you feel that way, then reach out and forgive this other, another that may not even have done a thing that they are even aware of.

Peace-signHowever there may be quite another scenario. They may be aching inside as to what they may have done and how they may have hurt you. And if you reach out and give them forgiveness, you are relieving them of that anxiety and you are causing what?…. Peace. You are causing peace between you and another being. You yourself and the other being. So in Peace, you must have forgiveness. And in peace, you must find acceptance.

Acceptance is a huge scenario.  Its a large concept for you to ponder, and we could go on about this for quite awhile, but we don’t contend that we have enough time to do that in this transmission. But consider what acceptance means… acceptance of yourself, acceptance of everything you have done in your life, acceptance of where you are right now, acceptance of any desire to move, and the acceptance to do so…. of yourself and your desire, and your thoughts… acceptance of those around you. Being at peace requires acceptance… acceptance of where you are, where you are going, and where you have been. And this is Peace.

And then there is in the PAL concept, the middle letter, which is Abundance.  So in being a pal and taking pal actions, you are taking actions of abundance. What does this mean?... continued...

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