About SoulsAlight

soul path of enlightenmentThe mission of Soulsalight.com

Soulsalight.com is a place of soul consciousness enrichment and enlightenment via inspired messages from around the Universe through Amariah and Soulsalight members.  Here you can hear from beings that have insights beyond our own.

Contact with consciousness from other dimensions and worlds comes through telepathic intentional communications through our natural ability to connect beyond our waking Beta brain wave state.  Amariah and others have fine tuned their ability to receive messages while in a relaxed yet hyper aware state of being where brain waves are slower, in Alpha and Theta. Being in these slower brain wave states allows one to open to universal information and connect to universal knowledge.

The content of Soulsalight.com is meant to lighten the spirit and expand our ideas of reality, our potential, and our place in the Universe.  Nothing is claimed to be absolute here.

Soulsalight is a sharing of dreams of what we can be, to encourage a higher purpose that comes from our inner knowing, and to share that with others.  Soulsalight.com can heighten our imaginations, understanding of the universe and challenge us to think and create outside the status quo toward a more illumined humanity.

Soulsalight.com is a place where you can join and have fun with alternate views.  It beckons the sharing of related experiences, personal growth, and soul purpose and origin discovery, all within a supportive online community and beyond.

On Soulsalight.com you will find:

  • Messages from many beings beyond our dimensional awareness in the form of written articles, audio, and videos through Amariah, and soon from members too.
  • Areas for commenting on posts for the purpose of sharing experiences or ideas.
  • Opportunity for sharing your related stories, as authors of your own posts.  Please contact us to receive author access for this purpose.
  • Products to purchase for more information, or to support more content creation.
  • Membership choices to broaden your connection and access more insights.

The more souls alight, the brighter our future can be! Please Join Us!