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“How Can We Remember Who We Are and Reclaim Our Power?” In asking this question, you are recognizing that you are not your entire selves and you are not being in your power. This is an important realization that you are making in asking this question, and, therefore, we congratulate you in this consideration.

With every great philosophical and spiritual question, there is, in your world, a dichotomy expressed. Therefore, when you look at this question and consider it, you must understand that in order to remember you are, in your world you must forget who you are. And, in order to reclaim your power, you must relinquish the power that you have given to the exterior environment and your ego identity.



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This is what we speak of. In your world, you have relinquished your true being and remembrance of who you truly are and you have given your power to the external environment that has created that identity that you think you are.

Thus, you must let go of the illusion that you experience in this world. You have been given an opportunity to experience this illusion in order to express and find the true expression of your soul being, which is who you truly are, as a being in connection and wholeness with the universal consciousness, which is what you might call God or the Source of all.

And this is who you must remember, the being that you must remember you truly are, in order to reclaim the power that is inherent in that beingness – that oneness of interconnectivity of your soul with that God Universal Intelligence.  As each of you is an expression thereof, in your unique expression of that God force, you each have particular and special qualities of the power of that universal consciousness.

Even within that whole oneness, you are each a beautiful and unique expression. And you can see this, the wholeness of the universe, is expressed in your 3-dimentional reality. You can see the beauty and the wholeness of the expression of God. However, you have forgotten that you are a part of this expression and that everything around you is that spiritual expression of Godliness.

In your trying to remember, you must give up the fact that you think you are separate from all that is the Godliness of your universal expression, which is all that is around you: every being that exists planet earth, every cell and every molecule, every rock, every piece of wood, every tree, every bit of metal, every house, every car, everything that you experience on your planet is an expression of God or Source consciousness. It can be nothing other than that.

In order to remember who you are, you need to remember that everything is who you are.  Again, that may seem like a dichotomy, because you think that you need to remember yourself as separate. But, what you need to remember is that you are not separate. You are all caught up in this idea of your individual identity when your power is NOT in your individual identity. Your power is in your individual expression as a part of the whole.

You see that as incomprehensible when you are bound by that identity that you feel is you, which is your ego identity that is governed by the external environment that has told you what you need to be. You can let go of this entirely. And, when you do so, you will find the true power of yourself – of your self consciousness as this expression of the whole.

Reclaim your powerIt may appear complex and you have a hard time conceiving of this idea; again, because your misconception that you are separate. But, it is time in the cultivation of your evolution to recognize that your power is within the unity of your consciousness with everything around you.

So, you can begin to remember who you are by remembering what everything is – remembering that you are of everything that is in your physical universe and beyond. And, remember to look to the space between the objects or the separateness that you perceive with your consciousness as it is perceiving in the 3-dimensional reality of everything around you. Look to this space to see that there is consciousness in all and that everything is not as separate as it appears. It is the space between that actually creates the seeming separateness of everything around you.

But, if you look into the space between, you notice that you can begin to see the energy in the space between that actually connects all of the beings.  And, we recommend that you do this out in the space of nature where you can look between the trees and see that there is energy between the trees. You will begin to develop your consciousness to the matrix grid of the reality, which is all of energy.

It is all energy that creates even the trees and the grasses and the birds that fly between. And, it is all the energy that you can see and sense between in which you begin to recognize the interconnectivity.  It is the space between that allows the space for the physical beingness of these objects you see, including yourselves.
Thus, you are all connected by the space between.  And, therefore there is no space between.  Again, another dichotomy....  continued...

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