My Mantis ET Encounter

Mantis mtg_GdMy First Encounter with a Mantis ET during an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Part One of a Series of Experiences

By Soulsalight Member, Luther Birdmaker

What I am going to relate is a series of experiences I’ve had with a being that seems to fit the description of a Mantis Extraterrestrial, or what I’ve gleaned about this race of ET beings from the ufology lore. I must say that these experiences are so strangely bizarre to me that I am still living in a kind of philosophical schizophrenia; where, on one side, a large and important aspect of my philosophical and spiritual life - what truly captivates me - has to do with a relationship apparently with an intelligence truly from another world, even another dimension; whereas on the other side, my rational mind, and my training in philosophy, squeamishly and absolutely rejects this interpretation as impossible, or at least very very unlikely.

Yet I am convinced generally that off world contact is not only occurring, but ancient and protean in its reality. As I rationally explore the UFO phenomenon, sifting through the endless vistas of evidence, step by step my rational mind is deciding that there is something undeniable going on. So things are always improbable until they are actual. Now, as an experiment in trying to make sense of this relationship, I have decided to write about it, and to see where that takes me.

As an empiricist and an experimentalist, my attitude has tried to be non-judgmental and skeptical, meaning open to some new kind of reality that may contradict my current beliefs. Someone might say, but what if this turns out to be all some bizarre fantasy, wouldn’t that be terrible? To which I say, but what if it is in fact real, and you overlook it because you are too squeamish to look too closely? Which would be the worse epistemological sin?

In any case, as my worldview has been demolished multiple times in the past ten years due to astounding experiences I’ve had in other domains of reality, I feel I am now well placed, if the phenomena is in fact real, to be able to appreciate it for what it really is, or what it might be prove to be at the long end of our challenge to understand this new reality. I am an epistemological anarchist, meaning that I do not believe in epistemological fundamentalism - the idea that there is only one true path to knowledge, to Truth. New realities require new forms of perception and cognition, and therefore different criteria for proof, for evidence, for interpretation. Imagine the implications if these beings are, as seems to be the case, thousands or millions years ahead of us technologically, and possibly spiritually and morally as well? Will our current forms of knowledge and models of reality be adequate for exploring and understanding this new world?

So I’ll begin with the beginning of my conscious awareness of this relationship with this entity. Just describing the circumstances of his first appearance is itself a task since that afternoon would have been extraordinary and life-changing even if the being had not appeared. The occasion was the third day of a three day Ayahuasca ceremony. It is surely Ayahuasca and more specifically, communication with Madracitta, or “Grandmother” spirit which the ingestion of the Ayahuasca brew facilitates, that I must credit with opening up the relationship.

If the reader is unfamiliar with Ayahuasca, it is the most powerful plant medicine in the world, and the center of an ancient shamanic tradition based in South America going back thousands of years. Unlike other psychedelic or entheogenic substances I have experienced, Ayahuasca is the first medicine which allowed me to have telepathic communications with non-human entities. I had believed philosophically before this, that such communications were possible. But it’s one thing to believe such a thing is possible, and it is quite another, as I discovered, to actually experience it firsthand. Shamans in Peru sometimes refer to Ayahuasca as ‘television of the jungle’ for the ways it facilitates communication between different kinds of being and levels of reality. Those who haven’t experienced this level of perception may scoff at such talk, but you cannot possibly know what this is like or what it truly is unless you’ve done the experiment.

Encountering the Madracitta spirit which guides the healing experience during ceremony, and which serves as a spiritual teacher and profound healer is itself a life-changing, worldview-destroying event. For me, it destroyed two firm beliefs that are part of the standard materialist worldview that currently dominates our culture: (1) the belief that human beings are the top of the intellectual-cognitive food chain, and (2) the belief in our fundamental cognitive separateness, that universal communication between beings is impossible. So, just the experience of telepathy was shattering and astounding in itself, and talking with a being that seemed to be more spiritually and philosophically evolved than human beings was even more world-destroying. I was discovering via my own direct, first-hand experience, the reality of a spirit world for the first time. Three years later, I am still stunned with wonder as I begin to assemble a new worldview, this one incorporating the reality of Spirit. It’s like there’s a whole new axis about which my life now turns, everything has a new meaning, and radiates with profound mysteriousness.

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5 thoughts on “My Mantis ET Encounter

  1. This is lovely! So much of what is written here mirrors experiences with off earth beings I have had, including the kundalini rising, the psychological turmoil and eventual grace of acknowledging a completely new (ancient) reality, and perhaps my favorite -using my imagination to better relate to my experiences of these beings, and ground the light-information bestowed into something physical. Although, my experiences have been with Zeta Reticulans (who I knew as “Greys” when I first experienced them) and another race I think might be Andromedan. I have not gained enough understanding or experience yet (or at least not brought it completely into my conscious mind) to feel comfortable sharing in detail, but I must say I am so inspired (In-Spirit) by this post to one day also share my experiences in a clear, articulate way. I can see so clearly how Souls Alight is aligning to be an increasingly potent and comprehensive platform for like-hearted beings to share and learn from one another’s very real experiences of the “far-out-friends” we hold so dear. One line from an automatic writing session feels fun to share: “Your heart is a phone-booth connecting you with any being, in any realm, anywhere in the universe” -this was in response to me basically asking “Am I completely crazy for thinking I just had a conversation with Osho?!” but I think it applies to our other “long-distance-calls” too 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Luther. And thank you Amariah for creating this platform. I love you.

  2. Dear Juniper, thank you for your sharing your responses and personal context. As I tried to relay, I am still pretty shaky about this, obviously because it doesn’t fit into the rest on my life and knowledge context. I didn’t initially feel like I would be ready to even write about it, let alone share it, for a very long time. But it feels quite amazing to do so, and my willingness is actually information for me – it helps me to understand how important and real this actually is. I would encourage you to write about it. Thanks to Amariah for creating this opportunity to share and think together on this profound mystery of self knowledge. Om shanti. 🙂

  3. Thank you Luther and Juniper for your thoughtful additions. It is your contributions that make it all worthwhile and will make Souls truly come Alight! I believe it is important that we enjoy our imaginings and have fun with the complexity and potential of the alternate realities they present to us. The more we share the more we know we are not alone in having these encounters. These are “Real” experience for us, and that is what matters.

  4. Too make a long story short, I know for a fact that I have some form of relationship with mantis beings. I was just wondering if this creature can be black? I saw one out my window at night time one day and it scared me to death.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! I can’t wait to read the other parts. Last year I was doing meditations to meet my higher self. I typically can hear well from spirits but don’t get as many visuals as I would like to. One day while doing the meditation for higher self, I went from seeing pitch black to full vision. I saw a beautiful brown praying mantis who had jewelry on her head and a robe. She looked royal, kind, wise and peaceful. She was either squatting or sitting. I’m unsure. She was sitting in the outdoors with a ton of beautiful greenery. She had a tent like structure but very ornately similar to Moroccan style. Lots of vibrant colors an fabrics, so beautiful and by the looks of it very comfortable. Her head was shaped like an upside down triangle. She had big soulful slanted eyes.
    I was so shocked to see an insect-alien form. I panicked and came out of trance. I have been slowly coming to terms that I am part of her and learning to accept that I have a mantis background. I have since connected to her audibly. She told me her name is Vitra. She came originally from the planet system Vega. Vitra is 6th density and is working with the RA alliance assisting humans and Earth for ascension and also protecting us from global wars, etc.
    I have done a drawing of Vitra, but I’d like to do more. I would love to get visuals of her again. But I am able to talk with her telepathically whenever I want to. So that’s a gift in itself. She always follow the rules of the universe to not interfere with self will. So she waits for me to initiate contact. She also will not outright tell me what I “should” do. She will answer my questions though and help teach me information.
    I do also think she sends me messages in my dreams as well.

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