A Pleiadian Healing

Pleiadian guide, Katara, delivers a chakra healing and reminds us of the importance of healing Gaia to also advance humanity. 

Well, it has been decided, that I, Katara, of the Emissary of Light of the Pleiadians, am to be the final communicator with you.  It is thus decided because I am going to allow for you to have my healing energy.  It has been decided that this would be the most beneficial for you at this time.  This is Part 1 of a message transcribed from a live channeling in Roswell New Mexico in 2012.  Read Part 2 on The Shift.

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You can see with your minds eye the visual image of an indigo light enveloping you. This is the frequency of our being, from a 6th dimensional perspective. We do our healing with light and sounds and the vibrations that attend these. Thus in that indigo light you are now being bathed with the frequency of our 6th dimensional vibration. This is not just a healing energy for your physical being, although we are monitoring that presently. Each and every one of you in the room (and those listening or reading the message) is having, what we would call, a scanning experience, where we visually are perceiving your physical form, and anything that might be out of alignment.

We are projecting into your energy field a light vibration that will then communicate with your cellular structure, and find what it is that might be, in any way, out of alignment. And not only on a physical level, but also anything that might be out of alignment energetically. It is our understanding, that the energetic level of your healing comes first, so we are detecting any misalignment with your emotional states. So if you could actually take a moment to help your system find that alignment, by visualizing this beam of indigo light going through your chakra system, from your crown all the way down to your root. It does not have to be complicated. We are doing actually the work for you, as you accept it.

Nothing is ever done without your agreement. We will help you to make this adjustment as needed, so that your emotions can be more in balance. And this helps with your ability to discern your own emotions, and to respond appropriately on an emotional level, to experiences in your life and experiences with others around you.

Chakras Pleiadian HealingWe will also say that each one of you has attending guides that we have called upon from the beginning of this transmission to help you, because each of you has particular needs.  It helps you to connect with your Higher Self, and the guides that are connected with you, to become more whole in your experience on earth and to help activate what it is, that you came to do here, the frequency that you actually came to vibrate within, so that you can transcend outside influences and become centered in your own inner experience and make that your governing force upon your day.

As you do that, it allows you to connect with who you really are as a higher and multidimensional being.  This allows you to connect with the experiences that you have had through many lifetimes, and to gather those experiences up, within yourself, so that your being becomes more whole, and energized by all that you actually are and have experienced.  You do not need to be conscious entirely of all of these experiences, and the reason is, that you are intended to focus as you are right now......  continued...

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5 thoughts on “A Pleiadian Healing

  1. The moment I began reading the first sentence I could feel this projected healing energy even b4 I read the part that revealed the energy was coming…much strength in these vibrations i felt and will be reading again, possibly with more sensitivity 2 receive healing vibrations as I am aware of its purpose and know the validity of ur written words. Thank you, 4 its connections like this that reaffirm what I know 2 b a very real experience 4 I, but have had 2 deny self of outwardly identifing these inherent wisdoms due 2 lack of Overstanding from those suspended fully in the matrix.

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