Is The Shift Happening? What the Pleiadians Say

Is The Shift Happening? What the Pleiadians SayYou may wonder, “Is anything set in stone, and is it (the Shift in Consciousness) a sure thing at this point?”  Our gracious and happy response is that, Yes, there are enough of you that have stepped up in your conscious vibration to actually allow this shift to occur. Will it happen for everyone? The answer to that is No. But it will happen to the species of human as a mass consciousness, as a mass evolution. Because there has been enough energy put forth to make that happen. So that is the good news for your present universe, for your present, the word is, timeline, so to speak. It’s the reality that this particular group of humans have created.

Is The Shift Happening? What the Pleiadians Say is Part 2 of a message transcribed from a live channeling in Roswell New Mexico in 2012.  See Part 1, A Pleiadian Healing. Read more about the Pleiadians.

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There are some of you on the planet, not anyone in this particular room right now, when we say you, that will be creating something different or continuing to create the destructive elements of consciousness. This is not to be judged, because there is always a choice, and some are not ready to make this choice of the leap. They will continue to live in a polarized world; a perceived polarized world, where there is judgment and where there is misuse of the resources, because the understanding is not of the interconnected leap, an understanding of the interconnected leap of everything on the planet. Without that understanding there cannot be this evolution to the next step. Are there any questions before we move on?

Question: "When is the shift of consciousness going to happen on this planet?"

Katara: It already is occurring, and that is why we can say, safely, that it will happen. It is already happening. This particular year has been set in time, and time is of course something that is rather fluid, so when we say that, we are saying, that it is set in your perception of time. That now can be an opportunity for you to open up your window. It won’t last forever in your time. There is a focus right now upon this plane that you are living in, in this particular time period, for you to have the opportunity to decide to move to this next reality.

As we have said, it will not happen for every single individual. It will happen for those that are able to perceive differently. And it is not to put a pressure, because it often happens when you human beings feel pressured by this, that you have to be a certain way. So we would like to dissuade that idea. Because what it is, is about the frequency of where your intention is.  It is not expected that you are going to be all miraculously changed overnight. It is every thought that you put in that direction that has an influence on the whole

Shift in AwarenessIn your being in this room presently, you are having an exponential effect. Because of the power of where your minds are right now, you are affecting in a global way all human beings. This is what you must understand. When you do this, this is causing this shift. When you raise any thought that you have out of a status quo idea, it has this exponential influence to this web of light. We see everything connected in this way, you see. And if you can begin to see that way, you will see that as this web gets intermingled, entangled further with light vibrations that are traveling all over the globe, this web amplifies. And everything becomes, in a sense, entangled within it. And that it cannot do anything but lighten itself in its entirety. That is what is happening. And it is happening as you sit here.

It doesn't take every single one of you to, every day, be perfect. Whatever it is that you perceive as perfect. It requires that a multitude of you have the maintenance of an intention to see beyond what you have already created, and to have yourselves open a window to something else. That is all. Have it in your mind that you are willing to see something different. That is the start of it. That is the opening of the doorway to the shift in its entirety. It is not going to happen overnight. It is happening already, and this year is pivotal, as we have said, because a lot of energy has been put into it. So that you will wake up, and open a window. Or pull back the blinds, is maybe a better analogy. That's the first step. Pull the blinds aside, and look out and see potential... continued...

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