DNA Soul Purpose Activation

Soul Purpose DNA Activation The most important message that we have for you at this time is your understanding that your soul purpose needs to be activated now, if it hasn’t already.  You all know this to be true. We will assist you along with all of your personal guides.  Ask your personal guides to attend to you, because you will walk out of here with a deeper connection with them that will enable you to strengthen your soul bond so that you will continue to activate that level of yourself and your soul will become your governing force.

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This is a very important time that we are now living in. You came here to enact a certain role.  There is no time to pretend that you don’t know what that is anymore, because all of you do know.  Each one of you has the ability to have the knowing of your soul’s purpose within you.

We wish you to imagine that you have a beam of white light that is reaching into the universe through your crown chakra and continues down through all of your chakras, into the earth, and connects you to the core of the earth.  You will need to do this in order to ground yourself, because as you experience the connection with the higher soul aspect of yourself you can tend to feel a little off.  So, it is important to continue to ground yourself.

We now see many energetic beings attending each of you and transmitting energy through that opening that you have just created with your visualization.  All you need is to do visualization with intention to make that connection.  In doing so, there is not only an energetic opening, but this energetic opening actually changes your physical form, because you are allowing your soul to be in charge.  And, you are letting go of the need for your identity to be in charge.  It sounds like a symbolic gesture, but when you make that intention, you are creating this reality within you.

There is nothing more important in this stage of development for humanity than to make this connection and to begin living from that soul-centered point of view.  The soul-centered point of view makes you an observer, instead of a reactor.  It puts you in touch with your multi-dimensional self, so that you may see beyond your limits of time and space.  When you do this, you put yourself in the right time-frame for any situation.  And, you will find that the synchronicities rapidly increase when you do this.

Understand that you all are pure light energy and that everything in the universe is made up of that pure light energy.  If you can walk through your daily existence with this thought in your mind, and if you can take your awareness out of constant attention on your physical body and your egocentricity, and bring it above your head so that you are looking and receiving your world from outside of what you think is you, then this is an exercise that can help you to transcend the thought that you are contained in your body – separate from one another, and that you are contained on this planet.  There is actually nothing that is contained about your soul.

Solar Plexus DNA ActivationAs you are moving into the next dimensional octave and you are becoming a more aware being at the soul level, then you will be seeing more, feeling more and sensing from a much wider perspective because your soul is taking charge.  Your soul will be able to see and dictate what the rest of your being is experiencing with a heightened awareness.  This is what humanity is ready to experience.  As you experience yourself from a soul-centered perspective, your world opens up.  It’s not that you are moving into a different reality, but you are experiencing your reality from a higher perspective of awareness.

This is a topic of a lot of conversation now: what does it mean to be moving into another dimension?  We are all in the same space and time as energy.  Consciousness itself does not take up space or time.  In this reality, you experience it as such.  But, as we are moving into a lighter frequency of awareness, you will be able to see beyond that limitation and recognize the unity that exists within each of you.

As part of your activation in this process of evolving into the next level of awareness, in which you will actually feel the interconnectedness of everything, take a few moments to feel the interconnectedness of yourself with every other being around you.   And, not just the human beings, but also physical objects, the light beings that are surrounding you presently, and your higher soul.  If you can, for a moment, imagine that it is all one – that there is a connection between all, and that your consciousness is an expression of the multiplicity that exists in the universe of consciousness.

As we speak, we are infusing a vast amount of energy into your system and surrounding your auras with a certain energetic vibration.  You can tap into the feeling of this vibration later on by remembering this moment and the energy that you feel.  This will act as a reminder that you are here to activate the soul purpose within you.

You are here to activate the soul purpose within you.  Each of you came to do a particular task and have a particular way of being of expression.   Each of you is unique, yet you are all one.  This may seem like a dichotomy to many of you. How can it be?  How can I be unique when we are all actually one?

As you are one consciousness, you are expressing in a multitude of ways.  As each of you expresses a more particular way of being, from your soul, that energy is shared with the others.  Then, there is transference of energy.  This is the way that the universe works.  There is a constant giving and receiving of energy.  When you are in a true state of giving from your soul, and others around you are in a true state of receiving, then they are also giving because there cannot be giving without receiving.

Every time that you have a conversation with somebody, you look in their eyes or you glance their way or you have a thought about them, you are having an energetic exchange.  What you are here to do is to make that energetic exchange as deep and profound as you possibly can, because then you are coming from your true soul center.

*Transcript of Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Amariah recorded at at Conscious Life Expo Feb. 12, 2011.  Continued....

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