Human Upgrade, Dreams, Transforming Fear

Zeta Reticulan Grey Alien

We are the E2s. We are beings originating from the star system you know of as Zeta Reticuli. We are and have been involved with the human race for quite some while and we are here to assist also in the evolutionary process. We are a collective of beings, a group that we name for you, the E2s.  

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  There are many groups of us that are here to help in your process. We have also been asked to be involved with your species to help the actual physical beings develop themselves. And not necessarily to develop themselves, but to assist in the physical DNA development for the human race so that they may be assured of moving forward into this next dimensional reality that is being pushed for as your next step and the next step for the Universe’s cycle.

We understand that there has been much misunderstanding as to our intentions. This is slowly developing and being clarified but in order for that to be clarified, it requires a certain development of the consciousness of the human race. It has been required that this happen with baby steps, and everything that is discussed has a role to play and everyone involved has a role to play and is knowing of that role on the spiritual level.

When we speak of, what you call abduction experiences or anything related there to; all of this has been agreed upon by all parties involved and all are playing a very important role in this evolutionary process. It’s not only the evolution of the species spiritually, in terms of the knowledge that they are gaining and in the physical regard in terms of the DNA development, but also in the awakening and understanding of humanity to be welcoming eventually of the idea that there are beings elsewhere and that they can in fact have relations with beings from elsewhere.

Many of you in this room are all advanced to a certain level of understanding. And as you may understand, it would be impossible and not recommended for any beings to come and land on the White House lawn. If you can imagine, that would be quite a disaster. We hope that this is understood and will eventually be recognized....

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