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 We are Simion, the Evolutionary Collective, at your service with perhaps one of the most important questions for you to realize in your lifetimes: “How do you determine and achieve your life purpose”. 


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 There is the most simple of answers to this question and it will only take but a little bit of moment in your time to answer it, but of course you will not be satisfied with the simplicity of this answer, so we will elaborate. But it is quite simple, more simple than you all realize.

And the answer to this, to determine your life purpose, you decide your life purpose. In other words, your life purpose is what you decide it to be. And to achieve that, you must be willing and able, and have that desire and motivation to live what it is that you decided your life purpose was to be. Is this too simple for you to recognize? It is the most important thing for you to realize. You have free will on this, in this lifetime, in this reality, and it is your choice, always, to decide what it is you will create your life purpose to be. This is part of the lesson in being in this Universe at this time, is to understand the power of your consciousness to create your life purpose.

So what will you decide it to be? And many of you will say “Well, that is my problem. I do not know what to decide it to be”.  You can decide it to be anything you wish. It can be as simple as, “I am deciding my life purpose is to help disabled individuals across the street”, for example.  And if you give it everything that you have, and you determine it, and you achieve this, and you accept this life purpose as the one you decided it to be, then you are living your purpose.

If as you are deciding, you have no motivation, you’d rather not do it, and today you say "no", and tomorrow you say “no, I do not wish to help those that cannot make it across the street”… and this can be symbolic, you see, of helping others that are unable to do something that you might be able to do, for example… but if there is not a desire to live this purpose, then clearly it is not the purpose for you.

Now this sounds so simple and you say, “but, but, but, but”… there is no “but”. If you have decided it, then you will feel it and you will live it, and it will be yours, and this is your consciousness deciding a purpose and living that purpose. And this is all we actually need say. You will feel inclined to the thing that is a purpose that makes sense for you. If you allow that, you see.

Now you will say,” But did not my soul have a desire? Did it not come with a particular purpose in mind?"......

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