Archangel Uriel Starseed Awakening Activation

Archangel Uriel Starseed ActivationWe are integrating the energy of the angelic being of the Archangel Uriel, and this is a process of integration, so allow this vessel to infuse our energies into her being, so that we can relay what it is we wish to portray to you. We say we, because there are many helpers that are connected with this process. These are the beings that you were connecting with earlier. We are all here to allow this process. So we have on our left the energy of the Arcturians, and we have to our right the energy of the Sirians. In our center column, that is being infused in a column of light, through this being, outward to you, and you should feel the same energy coming through your crown chakra and spiraling outward in a circular fashion from your center outward, and back around again. This is our light of the angelic being of Uriel.

ARCHANGEL URIEL with Sirian and Arcturian Presence. Message to Starseeds (those incarnated with a soul from elsewhere) on Awakening to the Power of your Healing Energy & Multidimensional self ~ 40 min. audio of Amariah channeling Uriel

Recorded for small group in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico, but meant for all starseeds.

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We wish you to know that all of us work together in assisting you in your processes on this planet. We act as protectors and we also infuse our particular qualities of energy into your beings. We assist you in the process of evolving yourself as humans, as humans that are here to project our frequencies on to this planet as the angel Uriels energy. We are the protectors of this planet. We infuse this energy of light in your process, so that you may help the planet earth.

We would like to share our healing energy with you at this time, so that you may begin to process certain energies that you've held on to, that you can now let go of. It is time for you to let go of these energies, as you are important in this process of being on planet earth at this time. We wish you to come to your greater potential in this, and to acknowledge it, and not to continue pretending that you are not significant. Have the knowing within you, that you are powerful beings and that you are here with a purpose. And we wish to express to you to stop pretending that you are not. It is too easy for you to do so, and you have done so for many years, not, or acting as if you don't know. This had its purpose. But it is no longer necessary for you to do so

The avenues are available for you to open up your souls, and you were afraid in the past of releasing much of your energy into this world. Your connections are very large, they are very vast and quite powerful, and you feel so small within the capsule of your physical being. You had a sense, almost a fear, and this was instilled in all of you, that you could not release this, as it would not be understood. This was correct for the time period that you have been growing in, within your present physical reality. But you no longer need that shell. You no longer need to pretend that you are something that you are not. We understand that this will not all happen at once. You would be overwhelmed - yourselves - with your pure energetic form. But we wish to inform you that it is time to release what you are into the world and to allow it to be brought forth.

You are all having the sense of the need for cleansing. This is the letting go of those shells that you've developed. You had many of these shells in order to associate with the beings that are on this planet to have an understanding of what they are going through. But you are not beings of this planet. You are far beyond this state, you see. You have lived lives here in order to have an understanding, and you have had to encapsulate yourself into this being. But the planet is ready, and is in need of the infusion of your energy.  So do not hold yourselves back

purified heartYou have a vast force, and if you would feel that within you, that you can radiate that to each and every being that you come in contact with, and beyond that, because there are many beings that are ready for your frequency that will feel it from miles and miles away. This is a healing radiation that is needed, and you can open up doors to others with this energy. You have healing abilities, and they are not simple healing abilities that is they are not as simple as you might think. They are not just on a physical level, you see. It is one thing to heal a wound that is a physical wound. It is quite another to heal the soul and to heal the karma that beings have been trapped into on this planet. To heal any negative, or what you or we would call a denser frequency that holds the soul back-that veils the soul. Each has a way of being able to do this; To heal with your thought energy and to bring in the radiation from our various planes of existence.

We wish to assist you in activating this and encourage you to ask us for your assistance. We are here among you, and we can wrap ourselves around you and infuse our energy into yours, into your souls, that are the same as ours. The Arcturian energy and the Sirian energy are infused with the Archangel Uriel's energy. We work together, as we have said. We do not see one another as separate although we are living various forms of existence or expressions. We have an understanding of each other’s energy

The Sirians wish to express that their form of energy is of joyous expression in music and dance and sound. We are here in their music and we cannot express it to you, but we are infusing it within your consciousness. Those moments of unity and lightening of your friends is an energy from the Sirian realm.

The Arcturians wish to express to you that you can connect with them with your sacred geometries, and the connection to the flower of life. Just by visualizing it you can bring in their healing energies, because both beings have powerful healing potentials that you all have within you. Depending on where your focus is, you can draw upon these energies and bring it into the consciousness of planet Earth. Each of these beings calls upon the essence of Uriel to assist them with their healing energies and their particular ways of healing. Again, this is a healing not just on a physical level. It transcends dimensional realities and infuses the multidimensional aspects of your soul with the connection from the physical on upward, so that a soul may be in contact with their Higher Self and learn to heal themselves, you see. That is what you are able to do, is help souls heal themselves.

We wish that you would begin to visualize the energy systems of each particular being, because you can actually see this. If not in a physical visual image, you can hear it with sound. You can hear the sounds of someone’s soul, and you can see in your mind’s eye the vibrations of their soul and the energy that they are filtrating into the physical world. And you can make corrections, you see. By transmitting the energy from our realms, you can make corrections in the energy that they are connecting with, with their souls, to help them to make this link. This is part of what we were assisting with earlier, is that we are helping you to make these connections with yourselves, so that you can open up your capacity to do this with others. Because as you all know, it is all about the vibration of existence. Every cell, every molecule and unit of consciousness has a particular vibrancy of its own. You can tune into the molecular vibrancy within each energetic being.

starseed activationSo we wish that you would use your sensitive hands and use your sense of knowing, your consciousness, and trust your conscious knowing and listen to the sounds. Some of you will hear sounds, not all of you, some of you will see images of light being transmitted in colors. And you will be able to sense these with your hands and sometimes with your third eye you will sense.

We are helping you to open up these avenues of sensitivity, so that you can feel the radiation that exists within individuals around you, and not necessarily needing to be close to them in a physical way. You can feel the energies of others that are many, many miles away. Distance is irrelevant and time is irrelevant in this healing capacity. So you may visualize a human being, and animals as well, and plants, and any being that exists within your sphere of reality from a distance. And you can connect with those beings. And you can feel their radiation, if you will. What they radiate, and what they are connected 15.26 and you can help them to link to their higher aspects and create a unity among them

We are working on you.....radiating energy through your crown chakra at the moment. Soon you will be able to see yourself and others as we see you, which are beings of energy and light. You will be able to see the pathways of that light, as they circulate in the soul through the physical body as a conduit, if you will, for that energy on this particular planet. You will be able to see each being and its energy flow; The flow at the core of the being, which is its true essence and the energy expression through the chakra system as they are translated, if you will, into their present reality as the centers of that beings energy as they are projected into this world. You will be able to see the flow of those energies spinning, and you will be able to see how that energy projects into their field around them, or the aura, as you would like to call it.

And those with that energy of existence 17.41 reflects out in that aura, and you will be able to see what is being held there and what needs cleansing, and what can be connected to their higher aspects. You can do this with your hands and you can do this with your consciousness by visualizing the energy points that you see, and whether it is a out of balance. You can also, as we have said, connect them to their higher aspects by visualizing strands of light that take all of that energy, the system of their energy of their chakras, projecting out into their aura and lifting this up as a column through their crown chakra and connecting to their higher light aspect. This is visualizing your realm in a 3D capacity. In other words, you are seeing it as an up and down and around, but this all exists at the core of their being and there is no space involved. This will help you also to allow them to connect, if you can visualize and imagine that there is no time and space separating each individual from that core of their being.

It is time for the human race to evolve this next level of expression, you see. We have all been involved in assisting this planet for millennia. It is a great awakening that is occurring. As you feel as though you are wrapped in this third dimension reality, you are not just of this third dimension reality. You need to remember this, and stop using the excuses of the third dimension reality to hold you back. You do not need the things that you think you need. All you need is the light that is within you. You can rejuvenate and transmit as much of this light as you wish. We wish that you wish it, because it is the desire within you that activates this capability.

When you are feeling that connection to Source energy that you all feel in your own particular ways, mind you, this is your ascension 21.14 connection being activated. You have the capability to do this at any time. All you need to do is ask for it to be activated. We will also have you know, that as long as you maintain your consciousness, at a reasonable rate of frequency, and we understand that you are in a denser being and that you can perceive other densities. But you have no reason to connect to these at any time ever. You have the protection from many worlds. As long as you are able to focus your consciousness to our frequency which is quite simple for you actually. It is just a matter of a decision. Then you are able to flow in exactly the place you need to be, and with whom you need to be.

You think that all your actions are small, and that you are just meeting here and there this person or that person and that it seems rather insignificant. But everyone you come in contact with, including any person that you walk by on the street, no matter how small the situation seems, you are making a connection that is significant.

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5 thoughts on “Archangel Uriel Starseed Awakening Activation

  1. I have a deep desire to understand and relate w/all that you say and wish to be able to do the things you say I am capable of. It has been a pleasure to have your help along the way to my destiny.I pray that I will make a good student and be able to accomplish what higher dimensions require of me, and want you to know I do appreciate all your loving guidance and invoke your help and love all along the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sheila W.

  2. I get it! This information completely resonates and clarifies experiences I’ve had. Coming here (to school. My favorite kind of school!;) today has helped me understand and move deeper into a type of healing I’ve been practicing for years without really knowing exactly what I was doing -just that it worked- BIG TIME. This has been a hugely empowering post for me.

    Thank you Amariah and All for being a vessel and adding your light to my experience… “your” light, “my” experience… After reading this that kind of language seems silly huh? We we we! We are doing well. I am proud to be a part of this operation. Though I’ve definitely gotta step up and stop holding back! Big love and gratitude -Juniper-

  3. Thank you Uriel, I am on to it ! And thank you Amariah for being the conduit. Your guidance sends Sun beams to all of us… I like to practice the expansion of the soul aura as a meditational awareness. For anyone out there that wants to test this practice, next time you feel cold and wish to be warmer imagine your aura is radiating heat about a foot further than your skin. When you feel warmer extend that warmth of radiation to someone near you in the room or through your heart chakra to a loved one. It will amaze you.
    Another method is to manifest your awareness in to a bell such as Big Ben in London… See the clock tower and its faces in the four directions NEWS and imagine you are there a couple of minutes before the hour… As the clock strikes and you are in the bell chamber allow your radiance to fill the air just as the resonance does from the ringing sensation. Imagine you are radiating the energy in rings outward and encompassing all that you want to… Then feel for the feed back of every soul that hears your call….! Imagine the smiles of completion on the faces of people as it rings 5 times in the afternoon 🙂
    Bells have a purity all of their own.. No two ever sound the same there is a fingerprint of character distinguishing them.
    Be that, that is you…! ))))))))))
    Shine )))))) shine )))))) shine…)))))))

    Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Earth-brothers and Sisters !!!

    1. Hey Earthbrother,

      Do you still visit this sight? I’m new to this sight and I found your post enlightening.
      I would love to contact with you!

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