7 Signs of 7th Sense Perception

Simion channeling on signs of spiritual ascension and our developing extrasensory, 7th sense perception, or psychic ability, as we begin sensing multidimensionally with our soul. The seven soul perceptions are offered as indicators of the shift, the great spiritual awakening and personal spiritual growth and connection.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. The ability to sense with your soul perceptions will evolve with practice and at first involves a great deal of trust in senses that you previously wouldn't have paid attention to and therefore didn't develop for the most part. We would like to outline some of the sensations so you may recognize them. We encourage you to take note of when you sense in these ways no matter what level of development you are at presently.

For some of you these may already be developed while others may be merely on the verge of trusting or just noticing such sensations. When you feel or notice the following, acknowledge it, and if you can, allow yourself to flow with the sensations to see where they may lead. Any or all such perceptions may be your soul speaking to you. Of course, you may think you are going crazy, but you will feel and be quite sane.

1. Any visual anomalies, such as colors or clouds in your vision, brightness around people or objects, shapes appearing in your line of sight, and blurry or tunnel vision. These can be signs of connection with another dimensional perception or indicate a path or topic to be pursued.

2. Out of the ordinary sounds. Ringing or voices in your head, especially sudden and unexpected messages that seem illogical and random. Sounds in your ears can be a way of getting your attention. Take heed of what is happening when you have this as well as any peculiar messages that seem as if completely out of the blue. Your soul and guides will purposely catch you off guard so that a message stands out from the usual noise of your brain.

3. Buoyant sensations that draw you to a place or situation inexplicably. This would be a light feeling not heavy and burdensome, but free and floating. If there is a heavy sensation, stay away, but if it is buoyant go with it.

4. Repeated visions and imaginations of people and situations. Allow yourself to follow a vision mentally to see where it takes you. Often images that repeat have some special meaning for you or are trying to tell you something important.

5. Unpleasant feelings in your gut. These sensations can be warnings of lower energy interference and call for mental and spiritual protection. Feelings of nausea or head ache or other unexplained physical sensation in a place or around certain people can be warnings that negative frequencies are intruding or that you are overloading your circuitry and need to step away.

6. Tingly surge of energy in your body, often in the hands or top of the head, is an indication of connection to source light. Take note at these times of what you are thinking, doing or associating with. It will always mean you are on a connected frequency.

7. Intuitions about people, places or events. Trust the odd and unknowable. At least listen and observe. You will never give your soul a chance if you don't listen to what appears to be unknowable.

We assure you that if you begin to give some attention to these out of the ordinary perceptions you will be encouraging your soul to communicate on another level and the sensations will increase and become a valuable guide by which to navigate.For much more on spiritual awakening and the ascension read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension.

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