Time Shifts

Simion , The Evolutionary Colective ~ The Transformation Series
Channeled through Amaria

Your perceptions of time as a consecutive notion, where cause and effect follow one another, is changing.

If you can take a more birds eye view of time,  you will be better able to cope with what can be disorienting shifts.  Your experiential time will become more important that the idea of one thing happening after another as you transform into a lighter dimensional being. 

Many of you will feel as though you are doing something in the past, even though you seem to be sitting in a present moment.  Or you will be influencing or doing something in the future, from your past, or in what you think is the present.  You can feel like you skipped some time or are jumping ahead.  Allow these feelings and become an observer of them.  By doing so you will be learning how to see through the seeming boundaries of sequential time, and will find your experiences to be more fluid. 

This feeling of quantum jumping can be disorienting and at times even have the physical effect of causing dizziness or light headedness.  You are likely not going crazy or coming down with something.  We suggest you try to allow these experiences and take a moment to observe what is happening.  Much may be going on subconsciously, or within your soul energies, this year, that you are not totally aware of in your physical, emotional, or mental levels. 

We recommend you take a higher view of your transformation by shifting your awareness to above your head, at your crown chakra entry, and/or imagine your awareness in the space in front of your third eye region.  If you are not able to actually bring your awareness out of your physical, emotional and mental functions, or outside your head basically, then try imagining these two higher chakra areas being filled with light.  Imagine a connection to a universal vision through a column of light through your crown and/or a beam of light through your third eye, that fills your soul with the light of all universal knowing.  This is a way to focus the higher energies coming through, and to open yourself to a timeless vision.  If you feel too "in the clouds" when doing this, then bring the light energy down through your spinal column and ground it into the Earth through your root chakra.  This will also help to bring the higher vision to your Earthly existence and allow you to make use of it in your daily endeavors.

You may also feel that time is speeding up or slowing ...even to a halt.  In the case of speeding time, you may forget entirely what just happened in a given period of time, as if a week just shot past, for example, and you don't really feel grounded in what occurred, and your memory is fuzzy.  It will feel more like a sensation of having had experiences, rather than having had a sequence of occurrences.  At other times, you may feel that everything is suddenly in slow motion, like all the little things occurring are taking on more depth, and you may even sense the consciousness of the space around you acutely as you move through it. 

If you haven't noticed these timely events, then you could be blocking this natural flow and flux of consciousness shifting.  If you are blocking this heightened awareness then you could feel more physical, emotional or mental symptoms that could be disturbing, such as odd aches and changes in your appetite. Or you might notice that your emotions are fluctuating without a reason, or your mind feels cloudy and then really sharp an instant later.  If you feel such symptoms they may be related to the time flux.  Try not to get distressed over them.  Instead, take note of them and practice putting your senses into the soul awareness as described.  If you are feeling none of the discussed symptoms or sensations of time shift, you can certainly open yourself to the new Aquarius view with conscious efforts.

The leap in awareness that is occurring on your planet is not necessarily an easy thing to birth.  Exciting and enlightening it is, but there is a reason for the gradual progression.  If you fight it or take it on too quickly, you will find yourself feeling continually out of sync and eventually your resistance will cause you to fall into a denser reality.  If you can lighten yourself through the changes, you will find it to be invigorating and down right blissful, as you will literally be expanding your perceptions to see and feel more of your universe.  If you can open the higher chakra flow, you will notice your psychic senses turning on as well

When you open to time shifting, you will find yourself shifting the past and seeing future potentials and living more fluidly in a timeless way.   You will begin seeing how you are creating the time experience and that it need not be creating you.  You can begin to see how you can be the mover of the sense of time and the movement of events in time, in your personal experiences.  This is a huge awakening to your multidimensional nature.  You may even practice slowing and speeding time and traveling to the so called past and future in your seeming now.   It has been said as a philosophical idea to "Be Here Now."  We are saying "Be out of now" as a definitive moment in time, so that you can be whenever, and create your experience with greater awareness outside the confines of time.  As the now is no more real than the past or future. What is real is what you decide to perceive.  Now you can make your perceptions timeless.

~ Simion, from the annuls of timelessness

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  1. To all simions greetings from The 3 demension my name is Enoc.i am much appreciated if you could grant me access to gifted knowledge passed down from my higher-ups for the evolution of my existence here on this planet Earth witch I have called home for far too long
    I know that all things are possible to me I have experienced fenomen one of the most of the times I have to tell you about it when you guys get the same time as I have to be in the area of recruitment process of moving the Masse’s closer and closer to the time change and I will triumph

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