Pleiadian Involvement with Humankind and Earth

Healing Indigo Light

Hello, I’m Katara.  I am from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and I come to entertain you in a moment of healing energy and to provide you with access to our energy Light.

If you will take a moment to imagine an indigo light filling this room as this will allow you to connect to our healing energy.

We have been involved with humanity for quite some time, beginning in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. And thus we have a particular interest in the evolution of humanity.  We are playing a strong role in your development at this time and for Planet Earth as it is in our interest to heal the planet and to heal humanity so that they will prepare for what is to come.  This process has been going on for sometime in the current cycle of humanity’s evolution.

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We were involved with and seeded humanity with aspects of our genetic coding at the time of Lemuria.  We return at this time, which is of such importance, so that we may assist with this next step and with the hope, mind you, that it will go differently than it did back in those times of human history.  When the power of the individual was misused, misunderstood and manipulations occurred with that knowledge and power.

This time around it has been agreed that the process of human evolution would take on a different flow, if you would, and that it would be allowed that the individual recognize their individuality and each would find their inner selves, their inner soul connection before they would be able to activate all their abilities, you see.  There is hope that there would be spiritual understanding necessary before these abilities were awakened and this was agreed upon by all the Galactic Federations of Light, that are involved with this planet, beings from all over the galaxy & beyond that reside in different dimensional frequencies.  This would be the process this time around and  this would help to allow the human form and consciousness of the species to develop spiritually before they are able to activate their inner power and gifts....

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