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Soul Sharing is a Balance of Giving and Receiving

 A key element to being enlightened within any level of awareness is sharing the light that is revealed.  This is a natural part of the cycle of energetic creation throughout the universe.  All beings of greater awareness than us, know this about Creation.  They understand the giving and receiving energetic interchange that is beyond our polarized view of this concept.

This dynamic is the power house that keeps the Source continually rejuvenated with life force or chi.  It is what perpetuates all existence.  When the cycle is clogged, there is no flow.  When there is only giving, or only receiving, then the currents of the field short circuit and life force is not replenished. 

This is not a moral issue of doing good to thy neighbor.  Energetic exchange is what creates and continues the very flow of all reality in whatever form it takes.  We see it in the natural world and perceived laws of our world, but we do not see the big picture that it reveals.  The trees give us Oxygen, and the animals give them Carbon Dioxide.  Plants give animals energy and they give it back to revitalize the Earth again to create more life.  The whole Gaia system is a demonstration of vital forces being exchanged and sustaining growth and evolution. 

Any giving and receiving is an energy exchange, but there are levels and qualities to these exchanges.  When one realizes this, they have the opportunity to raise the level of energy exchange in all their interactions.  Physical, mental, and emotional energies all have different levels of energetic exchange and the flow must go in and out just as your very breath.  Bringing this exchange to the level of the Soul heightens all one’s experiences and rejuvenates from Source consciousness, bringing new life and vitality into all endeavors. 

All aspects of one’s being can be taken to this soul sharing level when one comes from that inner light in their exchanges, whether it be in giving or in receiving.  This is where true abundance is created and it requires little effort, as the flow of light takes care of everything. 

The reason for these higher dimensional beings coming to give us guidance, is that they know this truth, and they live it.  Sharing with us is an act of Soul Sharing for them, and when we Receive from our soul, a circuit has been completed and energy is created from the field.  All of their transmissions come with this potential energetic boost, if we are open to it. 

When we are open, we receive their soul gifts and Creation happens in that moment.  They know this and therefore they seek opportunities to share.  When we receive their gift, we also are giving them light.  As enlightenment occurs within us, all associated are lit up.  That is what perpetuates growth for all concerned. From my experience of connecting with these beings, we learn to exchange from the level of our soul. 

Yin-Yang energy transferWhile there is certainly interesting information portrayed in the messages from these higher dimensional beings, more important is the energy that comes through beyond the words.  I know this, because I feel the energy and the fullness in the transmission.

If you listen only from your intellect, you will only get that slice of the greater pie of what is coming through. If you sit in judgment and filter everything said through your doubting ego, then you will only receive a sliver of the piece of pie.  If you come from an emotional place, you may receive more of the pie, but will only get the emotional energies, though they will feel good. 

When you come from the soul, which is allowing yourself to be receptive energetically, then you will get everything your soul needs right now.  The same can be said about all your personal experiences of giving and receiving.  As you open your soul to receive, you also give back to the source of the transmission and therefore you open a channel to creation itself…the creation within everything.  Do keep this in mind as you experience the messages on this site and as you open to soul sharing in all your experiences.

 ~ Amariah

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    Namaste, I am in full souls truth resonance with you..

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