What is Channeling?

what is channeling

Channeling is connecting to a frequency of consciousness and translating this energy into various forms of expression. The word says it all; channeling is opening a "channel" to a frequency, much as you do when you tune in to a television or radio station. The channelling can be expressed in thoughts, images, spoken or written words, sounds, sensations or knowing.

We are all channels to varying degrees usually without being consciously aware of it. When one becomes a purposeful channel, one is making a choice to make a connection. One can align with any manner of frequency vibration that he or she can attune to for channeled messages.

The type of connection is the choice of the channeler. If one chooses to link to higher levels of energy or consciousness it becomes akin to a state of enlightenment. This does not necessarily mean that the channel themselves are enlightened, but they have opened their minds and souls so that a finer frequency can filter through them. They also may be called a psychic medium, or medium between our world and the unseen. One can also connect with a denser vibration. To avoid channeling dense energy and rather connect with higher vibrations the channel must relax, expand their own consciousness, and direct their intentions to attract, allow, and support only finer frequencies.

Everyone is capable of channeling a higher consciousness whether it be a higher self, elevated soul, angel, spirit guide, elemental spirit, multidimensional entity, or other worldly being. The channelings may not necessarily be expressed in words. One can channel music, art, inventions, healing, dance, any knowledge, and any other form of expression. The great artists and thinkers were channeling higher energy instead of regurgitating the frequencies of others.

Channeling can be a means of connecting to the source of creative consciousness. We are all connected to this source energy. You can choose to be aware of your connection and bring this into your expression in physical form by focused channeling. When you bring awareness to your connection, you strengthen the link to your source and connections become easier, more common, and spur your spiritual growth.

You can feel the vibration emitted from a channeling whether the expression is from a particular entity, piece of music or other form of sharing energy. A finer frequency will bring each soul in alignment with their own source if they remain open. This can be felt as a sense of elation, buoyancy, well being, and leaves you feeling energized and brighter. It is almost as if your inner light bulb is turned on. A denser vibration usually elicits a lower emotional response such as fear, anger, or lack, and will often feel draining.

When finer energy is being channeled, you can feel the change in the atmosphere. It becomes charged. Some people can see it while others have an emotional reaction or sense of knowing the truth. Being in the presence of such energy can often open doorways for your own spiritual development and sensitivity. Simion's entire purpose in sharing their vibration and channeled wisdom is to assist you in awakening your own spiritual channel to your creative consciousness.